Fare Safety Issues

International Scientific and Practical Conference “Fare Safety Issues 2022”
(Kharkiv, Ukraine)
12 october 2022

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Fare Safety Issues 2022” which will be held on the initiative of the Fire Safety Faculty on the 12th October, 2022 at the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine (online).

For the participation in the conference scientists, lecturers of higher educational institutions and all concerned persons are invited.

The conference program includes plenary session and thematic sections. Working languages of conference: Ukrainian, English.



1.Fire safety of critical infrastructure facilities under martial law.

2.Fire safety of construction materials, buildings and structures.

3. Forces, means and tactics of fires liquidation.

4. Prevention of emergency situations.

5. Environmental aspects of fire safety and labor protection.

Terms and Requirements

  • 1. Materials of the reports provided to the conference committee should present the results of theoretical and experimental research and be practical.
  • 2. Page amount: up to 3 with illustration, tables and bibliography.
  • 3. Standards: format Word; Times New Roman, 12, line spacing – 1.0; paragraph – 1.25; margins: head, bottom, right – 2.0 cm, left – 2.5 cm; footers: head – 0; bottom – 1.5 cm; without pagination.
  • 4. Materials of the reports laid out as follows: 1st line – the name and surname of author, academic status, the city (italic, centered), 2nd line (indented in one line) – the report title (in capital letters, centered, bold), 3rd line (indented in one line) – the body text
  • 5. The sources are listed at the end after the title Bibliography (bold, in the center), which is indented in one line after the body text. The list of sources is made in the order of citation in accordance with standards. Specifying the city of publication, publisher, year of issue, total amount of pages (except Internet sources) is mandatory
  • 6. Abbreviations and symbols in the text must meet applicable international standards. Alphabetic marks in formulas should be decrypted with units of measure
  • 7. Formulas should be typed in formulas editor MS Equation. The formulas numbering is in sequence (number is indicated in parentheses at the right margin of the text). Formulas should be indented in one line above and one line below of the text
  • 8. Tables and figures should be indented in one line above and one line below of the text. Figures captions and table titles should be presented in bold, font size – 12

Authors are responsible for the content and design of materials. The organizing committee reserved the right to reject materials that do not meet the specified requirements.

To participate in the conference you are kindly invited to send by email to the conference committee (see below) till 10th September, 2022


Kostiantyn Afanasenko, +38 (066) 639-71-54
Messengers (Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp): +38 (066) 639-71-54,,

National University of Civil Defense of Ukraine
94 Chernyshevska Str.

Conference materials